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  2. Aliens are here now!

    Hi I'm Alien, haven't played Runescape in years but I hope this private server will get my Runescape addiction back. I don't want to make an long introduction so I'll just say you'll find me in-game.
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  4. Slayer Guide

    Step "1" Click on the stats tab Step "2" Click on the slayer stat Look picture below: You will have three options when you click at the slayer skill "1" To select the slayer master Vannaka ~Requires level 1~ Duradel ~Requires level 50~ Kuradel ~Requires level 80~ Sumona ~Requires level 92~ Selection: "2" To teleport to the slayer master which selected If you selected Vannaka you will be teleported to Vannaka master If you selected Duradel you will be teleported to Duradel master If you selected Kuradel you will be teleported to Kuradel master If you selected Sumona you will be teleported to Sumona master "3" To teleport to the slayer tower You will be teleported to the slayer tower if you clicked the third option Slayer Shops There are 3 kinds of slayer shops: -If you trade the slayer master you will get 4 options To see the shops you have "Trade" & "Reward" options Trade option will open the first shop which will sell only "Slayer Gem" Reward option will open the second and the third shops: Experience Shop Items Shop Question & Answer: Question: How to duo slayer with another player? Answer: Simply use the "Slayer Gem" on him, but you and him need to clear your current tasks. Question: How to leave slayer due? Answer: Right click the "Slayer Gem" then you will have Social-Slayer option click at it then choose leave duo. Question: Is there any another slayer helms? Answer: Yes there are new slayer helms but you will have to get the following items and use them on the normal slayer helm: Kalphite Queen Head + Slayer helm Abyssal Demon Head + Slayer helm King Black Dragon Head + Slayer Helm You can get these heads from Kalphite Queen boss | Abyssal Demon boss | King Black Dragon boss.
  5. Mining Guide

    Pickaxes Requirements Iron Pickaxe (Level 1): Steel Pickaxe (Level 6): Mithril Pickaxe (Level 21): Adamant Pickaxe (Level 31): Rune Pickaxe (Level 41): Dragon Pickaxe(Level 61): Inferno Adze(Level 80): Note: This one you Can obtain through 100 Agility Tickets. Location > Agility Tab > Agility Ticket Exchange: Location > Mining Tab > Mining Instructor Store: Level Guide for Mining Ore 1-99: Tin and Copper Ore (1-20) Tin: Copper: Iron Ore (20-40) Iron: Gold Ore(40-60) Gold: Mithril Ore(60-80) Mithril: Stardust(80-99) Shooting Star: Note: The Stardust stacks and sells for good gold and gives Gem's, The shooting Star does change location's Find Location with Quest Tab: Optional: The Well Of Goodwill: Note: 100m for 30$ experience bonus for 2 hours.
  6. Clue Scroll Guide (Unfinished)

    Clue #1: "Dig Somewhere Near The Duel Arena Tele" -Teleport to duel arena and Dig Here: Clue #2 : "Dig Near One Of The Slayer Masters" -Click On The Slayer Skill Teleport to vannaka slayer master and Dig here: Clue #3: "Dig Somewhere in Edgeville Bank" -Teleport with prayer Tab to here: Clue #4: "Dig Near The Tele To Get Chaotics" -Click On The Dung Skill And Dig Here: Clue #5: "Dig In The Area You Might See Fisherman" -Click On The Fishing Skill And Dig Here: Clue #6: "Dig Near The Kings of Dragons" -Click On The Teleports -boss tele kbd and Dig here: Note: Go from the The East Torch 7 spaces West. Clue #7: "Dig Near The Mining Guild Teleport" Click on the mining skill and dig here: Clue#8: "dig near the fourth mini-game teleport" Teleport To pest control and dig here: Clue #9: "Dig where players plant flowers" Type ::gamble and walk to here (3rd book self) Clue #10: "Dig near the first few crawling hands" Teleport to the slayer tower and dig in this spot: Note: Will Add Laster. Clue #11: "Dig in the cave of the giant bird" (exact text may be different) Teleport to the Phoenix cave located in Bosses 2 teleports then dig here: Note: will add more later.
  7. Spinn's Smithing Guide

    Click on the Smithing Tab, Mine 14 Tin and Copper Ore Than make 14 Bronze bars. Make 14 Bronze Daggers: Now We can start The real progress pvm time. Teleport to Metal dragons with Dungeon's Teleport: Note you'll be fighting Runite Dragons They drop 5 iron bars everytime, Next you'll need to have Done my Prayer Guide and Money Making Guide for Prayer and Gear, Recommended Gear: Gear that will work for Newer Players: Note: you will need 95 prayer for this method, Teleport to Direwolf ::Direwolf Note: Direwolf Drops Iron and Mithril Bars Every Drop (noted) pretty much, Teleport to Triobros ::triobros, Gear recommended: Prayer needed: Inventory Recommended: Note: The Triobros are strong fight individually, They drop (noted) Adamant Bars and Runite Bars in bulk, To'Kash The Bloodchiller Drops: Note: Once you have enough bars make them into weapons and armour until 99. Optional: The Well Of Goodwill: Donate 100m for 2 hours of 30% Bonus.
  8. Spinn's Prayer Guide

    Go to Wilderness Teleports and use Green Dragons, West Dragons and East Dragons. Note: The bones obtained use at alter north of Home. Optional: Pengs method Teleport to ::Pengs. When you get enough point's use the points at Holoy's Shop for Frost Dragon bones 2points/bone. Holoy's located Northeast of home by giant Scoreboard. Holoy's Shop: Once you get from 1-37 Tele port to Bandos Avatar(Pray Mage/Boss page 2) Bandos Avatar drops: Note: He drops 100x Dragon Bones Noted fairly often. Do This until 99 unless you have fairly good Gear. Optional Triobros ::triobros (Advanced Option) Prayer's recommended 95, Gear Recommended, Inventory recommended, Note: They drop 3000x noted Big bones and allot of other great loot. Alters to change and refill prayers: Location northwest of home next to Crystal Key Chest. Optional Well Of Goodwill Note: Donate 100m to receive 30% experience bonus for 2 hours.
  9. What is your ingame username? Spinn Have you ever been staff on a server before? Yes, I was Admin If answered yes to above what server? I was recently admin for Serenity 317. They have yt videos and a channel the source was very similar to this one so I have 2000 in game hours of experience. Why do you deserve staff? I'm dedicated, I hold weekly event's to help new players, I'm respectful but make sure everything is in check and would communicate to you before I took action in any serious matter. Have you ever been banned,jailed,muted,etc. on the server before? I have not. If answered yes to above, why? As a staff member would you devote hours of free time to play? Yes, I would play at least 6 hours Everyday. What do you do if someone is spamming? I would give them previous warning's and document them via screenshot's, then I would temp mute them and if they still continue to act in such a manner. I would give you the evidence communicate the problem and leave the final judgement up to you. I believe in due process. Will you invite players, or just lie and say you will for staff? I don't like going on to new servers or old ones and advertising about our server. it does get players but makes us look bad as a whole. I do have various friends I met on Snapchat/Facebook I could invite to join from the servers I was previously staff on. How many people have you helped out ingame? I've helped plenty out on the custom server with knowledge since it's not clear how to do allot. I've also made some guides. I know some tips and tricks from the other source for more efficient/cost effective guides on all skills. This will making the upgrading system easier for new players to understand, making money and overall enjoying the server experience.
  10. Money Making Guide

    Everyone who reads I can't go back in to revise the post. donation boxes are 6 points. oh boy do I feel stupid.
  11. Money Making Guide

    Teleport to Pengs: ::Pengs Pengs give points for different shops: 1-Boss Point 2-Runeline Points 2-Prestige Points Shops: Runeline, Prestige, and Boss Points Runeline: Note: Buy the Legendary Package's for good starting Loot 250 point's. Prestige Points: Note: Buy The Donor Boxes Great for starting gear and weapons 9 points per box Boss points: Note: Thing's to grind for Charming Imp and Bone crusher. Donator Box Opening: Loot: Notable Item's: Inferno Sword, Angelic Platebody, Angelic Platelegs, Conclusion: This is the best Money Maker for newer players. I use a separate account for d box grinding I will show you my gains, Bank: Note: This is only the bottom of my bank. I'm going to donate this to new players so they can grow and help server. Money pouch:
  12. Summoning Guide

    First buy a Charming Imp from Boss shop or player. Charming Imp costs 100 Boss Points. Next Gear setup Budget vs Recommended Budget: Recommended: Next prayer: Budget vs Recommended Budget: Recommended: Next: Configure all charms to experience. Right click Imp > Charming Imp Next: Bandos Avatar Boss page two: Note Bandos Avatar drops lot's of Charms Usually you'll get 180K+ a kill. Optional: Well Of Goodwill. 30% bonus for 2 hours. Location of well: West side of Magic Shop ::Home.
  13. I'm about to drop content so beware I'm heading for the top position.

  14. Starter guide

    this guide is from the previous version of runeline instead of ::bonus there now is ::pengs give prestige points runeline points and boss points!
  15. Update log.

    I decided to post the updates that has been done but not posted in the update section is here they are: Updates 22/01/18 : Added pengs Hp back to 5k It does give 2-3 per kill as well as 1 boss point and 1 runeline points can be accessible by doing ::pengs Donator store 2 Added Party hats and Hweens
  16. They Gather Progress

    Yo glad to be back
  17. Vote + hiscores

    Vote system with rewarding items Vote here Crystal key Gold Mystery box Hiscores is currently up Hiscores
  18. Online!

    current Server Old school runescape Client link Click here Server is officially online
  19. Progress on new vps

  20. Progress on new vps

    Server is online www.runeline.com/Runeline.jar
  21. we are attending to the hosting company that have issue to suspended the vps that have the server files. They explained the matter was the connection become comprised due to overload usage from the servers running during that time which indicated to cause the current situation that may be or not to be recovered if thats the case we will end up with different company for hosting and have a fresh server.
  22. potential pk event

    So people still wanna do this?
  23. Os Client Update

    awesome update guys keep up the good work!
  24. Os Client Update

    nice updates fate is this offline for now because of the custom server would you recall on doing this as 3rd server of runeline or are they going be only two ?
  25. Mikkavel

    This intro amused me more than it should have hahaha welcome
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