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  3. They Gather Progress

    Yo glad to be back
  4. Vote + hiscores

    Vote system with rewarding items Vote here Crystal key Gold Mystery box Hiscores is currently up Hiscores
  5. Online!

    current Server Old school runescape Client link Click here Server is officially online
  6. Progress on new vps

  7. Earlier
  8. Progress on new vps

    Server is online www.runeline.com/Runeline.jar
  9. we are attending to the hosting company that have issue to suspended the vps that have the server files. They explained the matter was the connection become comprised due to overload usage from the servers running during that time which indicated to cause the current situation that may be or not to be recovered if thats the case we will end up with different company for hosting and have a fresh server.
  10. potential pk event

    So people still wanna do this?
  11. Os Client Update

    awesome update guys keep up the good work!
  12. Os Client Update

    nice updates fate is this offline for now because of the custom server would you recall on doing this as 3rd server of runeline or are they going be only two ?
  13. Mikkavel

    This intro amused me more than it should have hahaha welcome
  14. They Gather Progress

    I shall discuss this further with the fellow memberinos
  15. They Gather Progress

    Girls can join too for sure wouldnt wanna it to be a sausage fest
  16. They Gather Progress

    Hey cheeky keen as jacks magic beans hit me up when you see me
  17. They Gather Progress

    as you can see realpure is all for making vids so we'll se what we can do
  18. They Gather Progress

    TGP is all about making bank
  19. Mikkavel

    My real name is 2pac age 29 Mystery: still Alive Bitches I notice this server from Runelocus so i decided to join it looks very cool I love os rsps so here i am lets chit chat and pk your ass any day any time
  20. Os Client Update

  21. Os Client Update

    Thank you fate for this update was looking forward to it for a while now looks super cool@!
  22. Os Client Update

    cool background image looks hectik bro well done on the updates keep them coming much appreciated to the staff team of runeline
  23. They Gather Progress

    Tell the boyz that Im new and i want to join this clan thanks Trenchcoat
  24. They Gather Progress

    Aigght Dale lets do this ! I'm in all the way bro call up the boyz and lets get this clan going, I can make videos and upload them here on the progress of money making and bosses PKing all the above we will be doing them in the weekends when theres players online, btw guys be sure to vote
  25. Os Client Update

    Awesome updates fate thanks alot ! keep it up!!
  26. They Gather Progress

    What about us Girls cant we join the clan to or is it "boyz" only ?
  27. They Gather Progress

    Haii Dale good to see you active on the forums how have you been we haven't had a chat in ages come online when you can to say hi
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