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  1. Finally! The Trench has come back... to runeline! if ya smellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllelelelellelellllllllllllllllllllll what the OG is cooking.
  2. potential pk event

    So people still wanna do this?
  3. Mikkavel

    This intro amused me more than it should have hahaha welcome
  4. They Gather Progress

    I shall discuss this further with the fellow memberinos
  5. They Gather Progress

    Girls can join too for sure wouldnt wanna it to be a sausage fest
  6. They Gather Progress

    Hey cheeky keen as jacks magic beans hit me up when you see me
  7. They Gather Progress

    as you can see realpure is all for making vids so we'll se what we can do
  8. They Gather Progress

    TGP is all about making bank
  9. They Gather Progress

    To the boys who were in TGP that were here last time around lets get the clan going again and if any new members wanna join pm me and i'll run it past the rest of the boys.
  10. Can I have my donor points back plz and ty.

    when see ur gerl in de park dat gerl iz ukkerz
  11. trench the og

    true magic, buuuuuut, when i mumble i dont feel humble, flow subtle with the defense of shuckle thank all the people that i speced out blah blah blah forget that you already know i got my bank decked out I might be in the wildy all alone you can try to rush me two seconds later my clan surround you like i called them on the phone dont try to bluff me youre getting froze now youre looking at your bank thinking whered all my stuff go? chill I sold it for a for some mills myself and the gen store worked out some good deals for real when i pk or when im on a beat I murder, the dopest mc that the world hasnt heard of
  12. trench the og

    yo rap is so me,cause when i spit its so mean,what you mean I'm not ill, chill the heat in the pots about to build, still real rhythms wicked writtens when the plots filled, what will he wield? watch the clock steady when i catch you in the wildy and youre not ready 99's the level i saw the confetti and you got killed. done deal trench the og
  13. Trenchcoat intro

    thanks mate
  14. potential pk event

  15. Savage's Staff Application

    I would like to see this man promoted cheers