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  1. Simon Intro

    That's pretty cool Simon I joined runescape when it was out like 2006 I think then from there own I learn everything to it maxed up my account then got introduced to RSPS started to play that instead of main runescape was fun. this is so far the best community/ RSPS game ever! I'm 23 years old BTW
  2. Command List (In Construction)

    thanks this does help new players .
  3. buying full vesta

    looking to buy vesta set or status set. on the old school server. thanks IG Daniel
  4. RL5 Command List Players RLOS Command List ** IC = In Construction ::answer - This allows you to answer the trivia question ::bank - Opens your bank (Must be of super or an extreme donator) ::changepass - Allows you to change your login password ::claim - Will eventually allow you to claim your vote or donator purchase ::commands - Opens a interface showing a few of the commands all players can use (Will be updated) ::discord - Opens discord chat in browser/app (IC) ::donate - Opens Runeline donation page (Pay via pay-pal) (IC) ::elo - This shows your rating for PVP (The higher the better) ::empty - Empty's out your inventory, must confirm. ::find "name" - Allows you to look at another players profile -For example ::find bob ::forum - Opens the Runeline forums page on your browser ::home - Teleports you to our beautiful home ::players - Displays who is online, including staff ::shops - Teleports you to shopping area (Alternatively you can use the lootshare tab to open shops anywhere you are!) ::teleports - Opens the teleport interface (Alternatively you can just use spell book) ::vote - Opens voting page which allows you to vote and gain rewards in-game! (Alternative is to find the vote toll @ ::home) (IC) ::withdrawmp amount - Withdraws money from your pouch. -For example ::withdrawmp 1m ::yell - Allows you to talk worldwide on the server (Must have donator rank) ::yelltitle - Changes yell title (Must be of super or an extreme donator rank) (IC)
  5. Youtube

    I totally agree with this afterall if you know how to why not I can help you make the video im online now for the next 5hours
  6. Trenchcoat intro

    Started from that top ended at the bottom
  7. cant load OS client

    thanks that is helpful for players who are having trouble with client much appreciated mate
  8. Savage's Staff Application

    good luck savage you deserved to be staff