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  1. Online!

    nicely done
  2. Online!

    nicely done
  3. They Gather Progress

    Yo glad to be back
  4. They Gather Progress

    Long time no talk whats happening with yall clan any progress on events or making money methods should have someone make videos
  5. Os Client Update

    Much better now that its done i feel like i belong to this server cheers for the updates
  6. Can I have my donor points back plz and ty.

    Yeah that man not hot, quak quak quake skrrptt dunno
  7. I lift Everyday

    Pretty cool I wish I have the time to wake up early in the morning and do as you do because any excises is good
  8. Simon Intro

  9. School is over@

    you are the lucky one, I have exams left before its all over cant wait to become stress free from all them homework
  10. combined server

    Hello everyone, wanted to know why there are 2 worlds instead of the one server which we all enjoy and play that way we focus on one game instead of 2 games, please code them together or add them into one server would be much better than loading two servers or at least show some media for both servers so players have an idea of which to download and play first thanks just an suggestion.
  11. Bruce Intro

    haha thanks buddy, why did you write a whole essasy under my into hahah
  12. Java Jar File Issue

    CHEEERS help me out a lot. thank you
  13. Bruce Intro

    Yo my dude, its Bruce, aka Bruce Lee lol jks, anyways I started 2 weeks ago, although I decided to register a few days ago, long story short I'm in love with the RL5 server it has got me hooked would be nice if there were someone to talk to or some staff online there okay enough about the negative side, am not hating on anyone Im the most humble person in this community you will find out when we meet ingame BRUCE holler holler holler we dem boiz
  14. The savagely Intro

    savage are you that dude from 21 savage has some nice beats going on dude
  15. Robert introduction

    welcome man enjoy your stay on these servers