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  1. New Era Runeline Coming Soon!

    thanks for the server a love it anyway
  2. Simon Intro

    welcome guys !
  3. trench the og

    what happened man?
  4. combined server

    Nah yeah nah I rather 2 servers, it is better like that because if there were a lot of players online wouldn't that make the server lag or something slow
  5. Bruce Intro

    welcome dude, thanks for letting me know about this lovely server and hook me up with some stuff yeah haha good to finally find a server we can both enjoy, I'm on the OS Runeline is much cooler for me haha unlike the RL5 too many customs but I guess you love what you love and I love what I love lol
  6. Runeline os server private beta

    I think I like both servers though started with RL5 need to level then start making bank haha!