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  1. Event giveaway

    Hosting giveaway inculdes drop party and hide and seek at 10 players
  2. Starter guide

    this guide is from the previous version of runeline instead of ::bonus there now is ::pengs give prestige points runeline points and boss points!
  3. Update log.

    I decided to post the updates that has been done but not posted in the update section is here they are: Updates 22/01/18 : Added pengs Hp back to 5k It does give 2-3 per kill as well as 1 boss point and 1 runeline points can be accessible by doing ::pengs Donator store 2 Added Party hats and Hweens
  4. Progress on new vps

    Server is online www.runeline.com/Runeline.jar
  5. Os Client Update

    nice updates fate is this offline for now because of the custom server would you recall on doing this as 3rd server of runeline or are they going be only two ?
  6. Simon Intro

    Welcome, Hope you like what the server offers from two unique servers RL5 has customs and many skills RL0s is old school server with features related to the Runescape 2008