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  1. Vote + hiscores

    Vote system with rewarding items Vote here Crystal key Gold Mystery box Hiscores is currently up Hiscores
  2. Online!

    current Server Old school runescape Client link Click here Server is officially online
  3. Os Client Update

    Today we have released the new client Click here less memory usage used to run client, which makes it better game play. Fixed drop rates, bunch of fixes on hardcore iron man all users have been recovered so last time you logout would be where it saved last. Enjoy!
  4. New Era Runeline Coming Soon!

  5. New Era Runeline Coming Soon!

    click here to play the new server enjoy
  6. New client for Stability, with amazing new items from previous clients which means new home place for the server, tons of stores you are going to like the leveling and training system that was added as well as creatures to slay , many more customs has been added. Ticket exchange instead of having to put money in bank/pouch New teleport Interface, War zone, Huge Crazy Boss Ares Added with custom Attacks When you click on any skill in the tab it will display the level of the current skill you are at. Dungeoneering max level is now 120. New Achievements Shop and titles Have any problems with the client message us directly on support@runeline.com or hit us up on discord please be sure to report all bugs and glitches as I don't have time to double check everything.
  7. Runeline os server private beta

    it is online for those who'd like to continue their journey on old school runeline feel free to login as normally before. www.runeline.com/rlos.jar
  8. Event for the new game?

    Yes that is right we wont drop op items or rares.
  9. Event for the new game?

    We can organize an event on facebook when there are enough people react to post on the Runeline page.
  10. Runeline os server private beta

    Hello Rune Line letting you all know that the OS Runeline is currently live in beta, we will be doing major updates to be sure the server is running smoothly and securely as well as 0 lag for better game play for all to enjoy! RuneLine OS download client need more help shoot message on discord Chat