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Command List (In Construction)

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RL5 Command List




RLOS Command List

** IC = In Construction

  • ::answer - This allows you to answer the trivia question
  • ::bank - Opens your bank (Must be of super or an extreme donator)
  • ::changepass - Allows you to change your login password
  • ::claim - Will eventually allow you to claim your vote or donator purchase
  • ::commands - Opens a interface showing a few of the commands all players can use (Will be updated)
  • ::discord - Opens discord chat in browser/app (IC)
  • ::donate - Opens Runeline donation page (Pay via pay-pal) (IC)
  • ::elo - This shows your rating for PVP (The higher the better)
  • ::empty - Empty's out your inventory, must confirm.
  • ::find "name" - Allows you to look at another players profile -For example ::find bob
  • ::forum - Opens the Runeline forums page on your browser
  • ::home - Teleports you to our beautiful home
  • ::players - Displays who is online, including staff
  • ::shops - Teleports you to shopping area (Alternatively you can use the lootshare tab to open shops anywhere you are!)
  • ::teleports - Opens the teleport interface (Alternatively you can just use spell book)
  • ::vote - Opens voting page which allows you to vote and gain rewards in-game! (Alternative is to find the vote toll @ ::home) (IC
  • ::withdrawmp amount - Withdraws money from your pouch. -For example ::withdrawmp 1m 
  • ::yell - Allows you to talk worldwide on the server (Must have donator rank)
  • ::yelltitle - Changes yell title (Must be of super or an extreme donator rank) (IC)


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thanks this does help new players . :)

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I really find this helpful thanks keep updating it more commands make server more easily to navigate to places

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